The Secure Leader

Coaching author and expert David Clutterbuck  wrote about secure leaders and his list comprises some factors to consider. As you read these are you holding views which actually don’t create security for the people you are responsible for, nor help them longer term? Have some of your approaches adapted due to circumstances – and actually now need a reset?

Secure leaders

  • don’t feel the need to control.
  • recognise that trying to manage a large team is an impossible and fruitless task. Rather, they aim to support team members in managing themselves.
  • don’t expect to be keep informed about everything, or to re-route information between members of the team.
  • protect the team from distractions from outside
  • ensure that everyone understands and is aligned with the overarching team goals.
  • are open to (and welcoming of) feedback from team members, based on their self-security. It doesn’t feel like the smallest criticisms will damage them.
  • have a “growth mindset” — focused equally on their own development and that of the team.
  • care —both about the team goals, but also about each of the team members as individuals. They make time for human interaction.
  • are aware that they, too, are a work in progress and they are fully comfortable with that perception.

Our work in building capabilities focusses on helping people make the very best of themselves – for both themselves and those they deal with. Are you ready for a reset? If we can help you or your organisation please contact me – we’d love to discuss how we can help you.