What our clients say

I attended a residential leadership course Colin ran & it was a real turning point for me in terms of self-awareness and starting my leadership journey.

An excellent course. Colin’s style and approach resonated with me and kept me engaged throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course but most importantly took away techniques that I think will really help me. We had a great group, which helped. Colin is knowledgeable and engaging.

Seriously, the best personal development session I’ve attended. Really focussed on the practical stuff that makes a difference.

I have done some ‘type’ analysis things in the past and was very sceptical. This was realistic, practical and useable — and Colin was brilliant, delivered a lot of content without losing us, it sunk in through examples/exercises, and made it easy to see what I might have previously missed in interactions with others.

I have to admit I was sceptical on what a leadership course could teach me. For me, leadership is something innate and in past courses I have merely received tips and techniques in “leadership type” actions. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much development this course truly extended. I feel that I have real take aways for my own personal development and can see how I can make more of an impact/contribution at work. Many thanks Colin!

I have had the pleasure of having 4 days of training and coaching from Colin with a group of other colleagues split over two separate events.
The knowledge, approach and handling of the training was highly impressive, extremely engaging, thought provoking and ultimately very beneficial in terms of aspects that could be taken back to the work environment.
The whole team took a lot from the training events provided by Colin and also had a very enjoyable time.

Great trainer!

Really enjoyed the course.

I find you unique in your space; able to fill us with truth, rather than buzz words or what we want to hear.

Good coaching during the course.