The Secure Leader

Coaching author and expert David Clutterbuck  wrote about secure leaders and his list comprises some factors to consider. As you read these are you holding views which actually don’t create security for the people you are responsible for, nor help them longer term? Have some of your approaches adapted due to circumstances – and actually … Read more

Personal improvement and development – with focus!

Passion and hard work will only get you so far…what next? Development isn’t magic, however it does require a number of things. ‘Grit’, a current bestseller by Angela Duckworth, reiterates the messages regarding personal improvement already delivered by numerous others, including the terrific book ‘Bounce’ from Matthew Syed. If you want to improve you need … Read more

Compete or Excel – which are you encouraging others to do?

Should you look to drive performance in yourself and others by competing or striving for excellence? They are different, so be clear on what you are looking to do and beware of the consequences. Let me provide a simple non work related instance of the difference here. I am a great advocate of parkrun, … Read more

I’ve no voice – helplessness and speaking up!

“This makes no sense – I’ve no idea what I am supposed to do, what is this supposed to achieve?”, “S/he’s done it again – they’ve made a decision without consulting and something important has been missed”, “We are once again trying to fix X, when Y is the issue”.  Recognise any of these and … Read more

Why did nobody say? Getting others to speak out.

Why don’t people speak out? In this and an accompanying post I will cover the two issues How can I help others speak out and use their perspectives? How can I find ways to raise concerns? I have three friends or clients all currently in a similar situation. They are smart, qualified, gifted people and … Read more

When should I invite other people’s input?

At what stage of developing and creating something should you involve others? Quite often people ask me for feedback and for my involvement. “What do you think of this product?” “Would this service appeal to you?” These high-level questions usually hide several things they might actually want To be told it’s great, well done (praise … Read more

Dealing with a difficult boss

Having worked at developing leaders for more than 20 years I can certainly empathise if you are struggling with your boss. I’ve had the misfortune to have some obnoxious, odious, narcissistic managers in my corporate career. When I lead programmes for organisations, out of each group of twelve there are typically four or five who … Read more

Making development stick

Both our coaching clients and participants on our programmes have a desire to improve or experiment in various areas. How can they turn that desire into actual, followed through development? The answer is simple, yet often times elusive – especially for bright people! It requires targeted practice, which is reviewed. Those targets need to be … Read more

Gloom, doom and …… cricket

How do you lift people when times are hard and morale is down? Is it just the leaders role?  The former England cricket captain and now psychoanalyst Mike Brearley addressed some of this following England’s hammering by the Australians in the recent test match. Here are some abridged elements from of his splendid piece in … Read more