Coaching Client Comments

What do our clients say about us?

“Colin’s open style, ability to understand my needs and way of working and his honesty have moved me and the organisation along massively. Colin has challenged my thinking in a collaborative way. He’s pushed my own boundaries and has really helped me adapt my own way of working to both enhance my personal development and that of the teams that I lead…this has been hugely valuable and is something I am keen to continue.”

COO Banking industry

“As an Executive coach, Colin is straightforward, insightful and usefully challenging. He adeptly identifies ways to leverage personal strengths and address weaknesses. He offers support working through business challenges and an independent sense check on proposed solutions. I have found working with Colin has strengthened my personal day to day effectiveness as a senior executive and helped me develop my role and broaden my reach across the organisation.”

CEO Membership organisation

“Soon after taking up a new, more demanding and senior role, a colleague mentioned the benefits they’d found in coaching and recommended Colin to me. I’m glad they did! I’ve found Colin’s respectful and insightful, but direct, challenge to be invaluable. Colin is helpfully keen to ensure I identify concrete actions so that what starts as a change in perspective is realised into a change of action too. Since beginning coaching with Colin I have seen a direct benefit in how my effectiveness, how I respond to some of the challenges of the new role, and — not least — my confidence and enjoyment in what I’m doing too.”

Assistant Director Policy & Strategy (UK)

“There are no gimmicks & showboating with Colin, he is brilliant at what he does & is committed to helping people find their unique style & to their growth & development.
Don’t expect a warm bath, but do expect to be challenged & encouraged!”

Global General Manager, Digital (Australia)

“The support and counsel you gave me are such a big part of my career success”

University Director (USA)

“We’ve come a long way – and with plenty of development, change and things to learn still to come. I couldn’t have done any of this without you- and cannot thank you enough. Your guidance, coaching, and mentoring is truly something I cherish”
Chief Executive (UK)