Types of Coaching

Coaching provides a confidential one to one environment which allows the recipient to consider how they can continue to add value to the work they do, resolve issues/dilemmas they face and develop new skills and capabilities. It has a significant impact on motivation as well as promoting positive outcomes.

Common Scenarios

New roles – transitions

Many of our clients are taking up new roles and responsibilities where the core skills are similar, yet crucially the context for these is different. Much of their typical approach needs to be adapted to the new role and some ways of working need to be left behind and new ones adopted. These clients are based around the world and include those who are:

  • Switching from leading local teams to virtual teams;
  • Adapting from being a technical specialist to a team leader;
  • Changing from a team leader to a manager of managers;
  • Bridging into an Executive role, a CEO,   SVP, Senior Director, CFO, CTO 
  • Handling wider responsibilities and increased complexity in their roles;
  • Dealing with a different organisational context due to entering a new industry or organisation

Managing people issues and complex relationships

A number of our clients achieve great success due to their personal drive, enthusiasm, strength of personality and sheer will to do well. Often there comes a time when the situation requires more than this – a different perspective and some strategies beyond their current knowledge or skill base. Usually this requires being more personally influential, and can involve handling challenging relationships. We use our coaching experience to help people through such turbulent periods and to find ways to deal effectively with conflict and change.