Leaders – learning from conductors

As we enter a new year, indeed a new decade, it’s a great opportunity to consider how you can make the best of your impact and leadership of others. Those of you that know me will realise I’m not one for too much of a recipe approach, believing that you need to create new neural pathways by considering for yourself, given your personailty and situation what to keep and what to amend. Use this fascinating exploration of leadership styles, control  and impact by the insighitay-talgam2tful and engaging Itay Talgam to stimulate your thinking.

For the link to this TED talk film  roll over image and click

If it poses questions that you want to explore, please either post a reply or send me an e-mail and we can have some dialogue about it.

1 thought on “Leaders – learning from conductors”

  1. The ability to lead a group of individuals, expert in their field is beautifully demonstrated in this clip. Of course they practice together before a performance but how clearly this demonstrates the control needs of the conductor along with the how much trust has been developed during the rehearsal period. I also found the speaker and his style displayed great lessons in engaging and involving his audiance, equally great skills. In reference to another of your blogs and David Maister – why wouldn’t you want to follow Itay Talgam?

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