Acknowledgement – International Womens Day

In honour of International Women’s Day we would like to acknowledge just a few of the women leaders we have worked with over the past twelve months who we owe a debt of gratitude towards and/or admire their leadership capabilities and resilience.

Misty Shatto, now at Alcon USA

Heidi Badelek and Sarah Wilkinson amongst many at in London

Anna White, and Emma Dawkins at AQA in England

Lolin Crane, now at MedSynergies USA

Kasia Kern and Marzena Arszynska in Krakow

Zena Boakes in Australia

Leilani Latimer and Jenny Thomassian in California

Dominique Stillman at DunnHumby in the UK

Alex Kershaw now Global Integrated Security in Dubai

Kim Tisdale, Mary Stanley and Lisa Schwab in Dallas

Pam Wong in London

Thanks and appreciation also to Kristy Worman in Dallas.

We hope you all make a signficant impact over the next 12 months, and for those of you that are the unseen powerhouses that truly make things happen, we hope you receive the recognition your efforts and capabilities deserve.

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